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Media Releases 2015

18 December 2015
Plain Packaging - Big wing for Public Health against Tobacco Industry

6 December 2015
Follow-on (infant) formulas simply not needed

6 December 2015
PHAA Welcomes treatment as part of ICE response FINAL

18 November 2015
Political, Community and Business Perspectives Feature on Second Day of Conference

17 November 2015
Indigenous incarceration and transition to community hot topics at conference

13 November 2015
United for universal oral health care

12 November 2015
MEDIA ALERT: Conference to showcase ground-breaking approaches in addressing complex needs

12 November 2015
Conference to showcase ground-breaking approaches in addressing complex needs

10 November 2015
Hidden Harms: How concealed Budget cuts are killing Australia's health sector

10 November 2015
Presentations from the National Press Club Address: Michael Moore, Rod Wellington & Sheila McHale

5 November 2015
TPP – Final text shows cause for concern

4 November 2015
Innovative Ideas for Integrated Care for Final Day of Conference

3 November 2015
Rising to the challenge: Success, Challenges & Lessons from a More Integrated Primary Health Care System

2 November 2015
Supporting Primary Health Networks Hot Topic at Conference

28 October 2015
Primary health care professionals gathering in Canberra to discuss future of Australian health system

27 October 2015
Empowering Women for Health

25 October 2015
National Implementation Plan for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health welcomed

14 October 2015
Anti-Poverty Week Oration & release of "Sick with worry" report

12 October 2015
TPP - Leaks on pharmaceutical provisions throws doubt on government assurances

9 October 2015
CORRECTION: Australia’s population DOES NOT reach 24 million today

9 October 2015
Australia reaches 24 million today

6 October 2015
Concerns remain for public health as TPP talks conclude

3 October 2015
PHAA Calls on Govt to Stand Firm on Medicines in TPP Negotiations

1 October 2015
Congratulations Peter Dutton: You are right to deny visa to purveyor of hate and mysogny

23 September 2015
Supporting Mal Brough - Make Senate voting fairer by empowering voters

09 September 2015
Wicked Problems & Grand Challenges for Final Day of Congress

08 September 2015
Healthy Places and Spaces Feature on Second Day of Congress

07 September 2015
Impact of Diversity and Climate Change on Health Hot Topics at Populations Health Congress Conference Day 1

03 September 2015
Over 900 people in Hobart to promote population health

03 September 2015
150 Health Experts on TPPA

03 September 2015
Public Health Case for Marriage Equality

28 July 2015
Australian Government must not trade lives away as TPP talks wrap up

22 July 2015
Long-term vision needed if Australia wants to keep universal healthcare

17 July 2015
Regulate naturopaths: for the sake of public protection

10 July 2015
Shenhua’s Watermark mine threatens food security and health

8 July 2015
Don’t trade Australian’s health for sugar - TPP

8 July 2015
Removing road speed limits in NT is misguided

23 June 2015
National Obesity Prevention Network first victim in cuts to Health Flexible Funds

20 June 2015
Australian Health Groups unites health groups to fight gag on doctors

16 June 2015
Unprecedented alliance calls for zero pollution in Australia

12 June 2015
Organisations unite to fight Budget cuts to vital health services

11 June 2016
New trade agreement to increase cost of medicines

2 June 2015
Challenges and breakthroughs feature on second day of conference

1 June 2016
Conference threats from infectious diseases hot topics at conference

1 June 2015
Media Alert - Experts gather in Brisbane to combat Communicable Diseases

13 May 2015
Health Budget 2015: death by 1000 cuts

7 May 2015
Leaders to address health inequities at Public Forum

4 May 2015
Advancing sexual and reproductive wellbeing in Australia: the Melbourne Proclamation
The Melbourne proclamation may be viewed at this link

13 April 2015
PHAA welcomes announcement of Primary Health Networks
Congratulation letter to all successful tenders of Primary Health Network

9 April 2015
Where is coherent policy on energy and greenhouse gases?

7 April 2015
'Safeguards' in proposed TPP chapter slammed
Letter to Minister Robb re proposed investment chapter of the TPP

1 April 2015
PHAA welcomes step forward in prison NSP process

30 March 2015
Budget cuts to Health Flexible Funds threaten vital services

27 March 2015
A GROSS INFRINGEMENT OF FOOD SOVEREIGNTY AND BASIC RIGHTS The Western Australian Government's proposed closure of remote Aboriginal communities

26 March 2015
The very hidden costs of toll roads

24 March 2015
New figures show Indigenous food shortages and hunger persist

18 March 2015
Coalition of peak health bodies calls for release of children from immigration detention
The Joint statement 'Australia's peak health groups call for all children to be released from immigration detention' can be viewed at this link

12 March 2015
Ketamine: a world view needed

12 March 2015
Cultural identity is not a "lifestyle choice" Prime Minister

12 March 2015
PHAA calls for change in trade agreements process

10 March 2015
SA Royal Commission Draft Terms of Reference Ignore Health Impacts of Nuclear Industry

4 March 2015
Tobacco plain packaging legislation passes unanimously in Ireland - a massive boost for global tobacco control

3 March 2015
NGO's welcome co-payment change but warn sting is still in tail

3 March 2015
Report finds medicine affordability, public health policies at risk in Trans Pacific Partnership
The full report "Negotiating Healthy Trade in Australia" is available at this link

23 February 2015
Calls for action on the health impacts of coal

20 February 2015
Joint release: Government must come clean on dental programs

13 February 2015
PHAA supports calls for children to be released from immigration detention

11 February 2015
Investing in Closing the Gap is a public health priority

1 February 2015
The weekend's message is loud and clear - Aussies believe in a "fair go"

29 January 2015
Keeping the public's trust - keep the cap on political donations

14 January 2015
GST on fresh food an attack on lower income earners

11 January 2015
Revised co-payment simply un-Australian