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Media Releases 2014

23 December 2014
PHAA slams Government cuts to housing & homelessness funding

21 December 2014
Public Health Association of Australia Welcomes New Minister Sussan Ley

19 December 2014
Millions will pay more for doctor

11 December 2014
Harms Associated with Alcohol Should be a National Priority

9 December 2014
PM Medicare announcement mixed bag

6 December 2014
PHAA welcomes rebooted Health Star Rating website

3 December 2014
Community leaders & politicians gather for National Complex Needs Alliance launch

19 November 2014
Conference focus on older parents, surrogacy & sexuality later in life

18 November 2014
Unintended pregnancy, infertility & marginalised communities hot topics at conference

17 November 2014
As G20 gets underway, leading health bodies declare Australia's reliance on coal dangerous for health

13 November 2014
Experts Gather in Melbourne to Improve Australia's Sexual & Reproductive Health

5 November 2014
Ebola: the next steps

30 October 2014
EBOLA: PHAA calls for comprehensive Australian Government action

23 October 2014
Public Health Association calls for a realistic policy on energy

21 October 2014
Coal seam gas, or clean drinking water. It can't be both

15 October 2014
113 Australian Health Professors call for more Government action
View the letter at this link

6 October 2014
The first population Health Congress gets underway in Auckland

5 October 2014
Calls for focus on asylum seekers during Mental Health Week

30 September 2014
Social networks for green healthcare: collaborating globally for better health and a safer climate

26 September 2014
More Australian action needed on Ebola

24 September 2014
Abbott risk national interest UN Climate Summit

23 September 2014
Health groups call for leadership in healthcare funding

23 September 2014
Sydney's NorthConnex tunnel project threatens public health

22 September 2014
PHAA supports medical cannabis

22 September 2014
Public Forum: Better Understanding Evidence-Based Medicinal Cannabis Options for the ACT

18 September 2014
Canberra Times Op Ed - 'CPSU position on NSP in ACT prison unjustifiable'

17 September 2014
Conference focus on advocacy & sustainability

16 September 2014
Australia's public health leaders recognised

16 September 2014
Aboriginal Health & Law Enforcement Feature on Second Day of Conference

15 September 2014
Impact of Corporate Giants on Public Health a Hot Topic at Conference

12 September 2014
Experts Gather in Perth to improve Australia's Health

10 September 2014
PHAA urges action on Ebola response | PHAA Statement on Ebola reponse

4 September 2014
Joint statement on health effects of coal in Australia

20 August 2014
Business, Indigenous & Health leaders call for action to improve health outcomes

20 August 2014
AMA co-payment plan knifes Medicare principle of access for all

19 August 2014
Business, Indigenous & Health Leaders call for action on Social Determinants of Health

14 August 2014
Congratulations to Dutton on Prostate Cancer Support

12 August 2014
Medicare Payment Privatisation: Thin End of Wedge

6 August 2014
Killer Budget attacks prevention and primary health care

5 August 2014
Facing the Fallout National Speaking Tour

18 July 2014
Condolences for loss of public health leaders

17 July 2014
Long live climate action: groups call for end to polluting politics

4 July 2014
PHAA welcomes better access to mental health and substance use services for veterans

27 June 2014
Health Star Rating Back

26 June 2014
Politicians & NGOs gather to help Australians most in need

26 June 2014
Health Star Rating Call on Food Ministers

20 June 2014
Calls for an Independent Commission following Muckaty waste dump decision

18 June 2014
Conference Focus on Report Cards & New Vaccines

18 June 2014
Big tobacco's desperation reaches new heights

18 June 2014
Vaccine Safety & Whooping Cough Feature on Second Day of Conference

17 June 2014
Eradication of deadly diseases at home & abroad - hot topics at conference

12 June 2014
Experts Gather in Melbourne to Stop the Spread of Preventable Diseases

12 June 2014
COAG REFORM COUNCIL REPORT Cutting prevention = WRONG, Tackling the Obesogenic Environment = RIGHT