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The PHAA Board consists of the President, the Vice-President (Policy), the Vice-President (Development), the Vice-President (Finance), the Vice-President (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander), the Executive Director and four Representative Members from the Branches & Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Board members are elected by and from the PHAA membership.

The current Board members are:

  • President: Mr David Templeman
  • Vice-President (Policy): Dr Christina Pollard
  • Vice-President (Development): Professor Heather Yeatman
  • Vice-President (Finance): Associate Professor Richard Franklin
  • Acting Vice-President (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander): Summer May Finlay
  • Branch Presidents' Representatives: Paul Gardiner & Gillian Mangan
  • SIG Convenors' Representatives: Yvonne Luxford & Peter Tait

Past presidents

Each of the Presidents of the Public Health Association has brought with them their own style of leadership. While they have progressed different issues under the PHAA banner, all have held the PHAA objectives and the PHAA's raison d'etre - advancement and implementation of good quality public health policy - as paramount in their periods of incumbency.

The past Presidents of the PHAA have been:

Douglas Gordon 1968
Sandy Douglas 1968-71
Dr Roy Scragg 1971-73
The Hon. Dr Basil Hetzel AC 1973-75
Cyril Dixon 1975-77
Bob Douglas 1977-79
Lindsay Davidson 1980-81
David Christie 1981-83
John Jago 1983-85

Professor Stephen Leeder AO 1985-88*
Professor Tony McMichael 1988-89
Professor Jane Hall 1990-1994
Professor Stephen Leeder AO 1994-97
Professor Fran Baum 1998-00
Dr Peter Sainsbury 2000-04
Dr Cathy Mead 2004-07
Professor Mike Daube 2007 - 10
Professor Helen Keleher 2010-12
Professor Heather Yeatman 2012-16

*1988 was the first year in which the Executive Committee had been nominated and elected by the entire membership