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About Us

The Public Health Association of Australia provides forums for the discussion of public health in Australia and a voice of a wide variety of professional public health workers.

Via the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health (ANZJPH), PHAA provides Australia’s basic public health infrastructure that links those undertaking research in public health and those undertaking policy and program development and implementation.

Via our conferences, workshops, forums and other member events, we bring together those seeking to debate scientific evidence, policy and program evaluation and options for the further and better development of public health in Australia.

The Policy Statements that are developed within PHAA are provided to the public to help educate Australians about the scientific evidence and policy options around public health. They are also the primary resource for our advocacy efforts, efforts that underlie bringing policy alternatives to the attention of governments and bureaucrats.

PHAA serves the betterment of public health in Australia and as such is an important element in the Australian health system.

  • Who We Are

    The Public Health Association of Australia is recognised as the principal non-government organisation for public health in Australia and works to promote the health and well-being of all Australians. The Association seeks better population health outcomes based on prevention, the social determinants of health and equity principles.

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  • Branches

    The Public Health Association of Australia has branches in every state and territory. All PHAA members are automatically made members of their respective state or territory when signing up.

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  • Special Interest Groups

    The PHAA has seventeen Special Interest Groups for members to meet with those who have similar interests and passions, to exchange information and to develop policy positions and papers.

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  • Donations

    In 1991 the Public Health Association of Australia put in place a trust named the Public Health Education and Research Trust (PHERT). The purpose of the trust is to advance medical and scientific research, with funds being applied to the recognition and engagement of the contribution made by people working in the field of public health.

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