Criteria for Fellowship


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Fellowship of the Public Health Association of Australia is an honour bestowed on members who have made an exceptional contribution to PHAA and the field of public health. 

To be eligible for nomination for Fellowship nominee must have:
• been a member for five years or more, although not necessarily sequentially, and be a current member;
• a proven record in the advancement of public health; and
• a strong record of contribution to PHAA as a whole or via any Branch or Special Interest Group.

Criteria for Fellowship
Nominations must address the following criteria in no more than four pages:
• the public health activities and record of the nominee – the importance, impact and acceptance of these activities by peers; and
• the activities undertaken by the nominee within and on the behalf of PHAA – the importance and impact of these activities on the Association.

Nominations must be made within the time periods designated each year, must address the criteria and be accompanied by the Nomination Form.