National Mentoring Program

"Learning from someone who is so experienced and willing to support me. I would never have had the courage to approach a mentor such as mine without this process." Former Mentee

Mentoring. Vectors say training, motivation, advice, success, direction, coaching, support and goal.

Program Overview

The PHAA National Mentoring Program will coordinate and facilitate the pairing of mentors and mentees in public health. The program aims to build the capacity of student and early career members of the PHAA through teaching, training, networking, and providing them with appropriate resources.

The program pairs PHAA members early in their public health career with experienced members. The program is purposely flexible in design to allow mentees and mentors to work together in identifying the mentoring needs of the mentee and develop corresponding objectives for the mentee-mentor relationship over nine months.

In 2024, we aim to accept 50 mentee-mentor partnerships. Mentee quotas for each state/territory in addition to reserved equity positions aim to ensure all PHAA student members across Australia are offered to the opportunity to participate.

Program Benefits



  • Guidance and advice regarding your career ideas, helping you make more informed career choices
  • Opportunity to meet a public health professional with experience in your area of interest
  • Advice on resources relevant to your area of interest
  • Enhanced professional development and increased confidence



  • Opportunity to facilitate the mentee’s professional growth
  • Revitalised enthusiasm and affirmation of your role as an experienced worker
  • Networking opportunities
  • Gain experience in explaining the scope and skills of your work to others


Are you eligible?

Careful selection and matching of participants in the mentorship program is critical to maximise the benefit of the mentoring process. If you are interested in applying for the PHAA National Mentoring Program (either as a mentor or mentee), you will need to consider your eligibility by looking at the criteria in following table.


Mentee  Mentor

To be eligible to apply as a mentee you must meet the following criteria:

To be eligible to apply as a mentor you must meet the following criteria:

  • A current individual member of PHAA
  • Either

    a) current postgraduate or final year undergraduate student studying public health or related field; or

    b) An early career public health practitioner/researcher seeking mentorship; or

    c) professional transitioning within their career or seeking professional development opportunities

  •  A commitment to the mentoring process over the duration of the program
  • A current individual member of PHAA       
  • More than three years working in public health
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Access to a network of appropriate referrals and/or contacts
  • Genuine interest in helping to further the mentee’s education and/or career
  • Preparedness to maintain confidentiality regarding discussions with mentee
  • A commitment to the mentoring process over the duration of the program



Assessment of applications

Applications for mentees will be assessed based on the strength of the application in regard to the applicant’s expression of how participation in the program will contribute to their career progression, professional development and other goals and interests.

Applications for mentors will be assessed based on the suitability of their experience, areas of expertise and other identified skills and interests.

Mentees will be matched with mentors based on the mentee’s areas of mentoring interest and the mentor’s areas of demonstrated knowledge and experience.

"Great opportunity with the potential to help many other young professionals who are entering the industry."

How to apply


Applications for 2024 have closed.


Applications for 2024 have closed.