Ecology & Environment SIG

The aim of the Ecology and Environment SIG is to help create a fair, ecologically sustainable, health promoting humane society in Australia and around the world through strong advocacy and collaborative partnerships.

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Ecology & Environment SIG Committee:


Sophie Dwyer




Co-Convenor: Dr Erica McIntyre
E: [email protected]

Erica is a Research Principal in the Institute of Sustainable Futures and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Research Institute for Innovative Solutions for Well-being and Health at University of Technology Sydney. She is a public health researcher and educator with two primary areas of research interest. The first is environmental psychology, which includes the intersection between urban environments and human and planetary health, the psychosocial impacts from environmental change, and behaviour change and resilience to climate change. Her second area of research is health psychology including health care behaviours and decision-making, and communication in health care. Her program of research draws on psychological theory and complex systems thinking to explore the intersection of these topic areas to address the social and environmental determinants of health to promote health and wellbeing.

Committee Members: Peter Tait, Michael Bentley, Rosalie Schultz, Catherine Bingham, Andrew Waters, Lea Merone, Christina Rojas, Tim Brokenshire, Melissa Haswell, Michael Ton.