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Advocacy is organised influence. When we advocate we seek to influence the attitude of others in planned and organised ways. Advocacy is working to motivate others to undertake action on a specific issue.

Advocacy can work in many ways, depending on personal and organisational skills, style, resources, audiences and of course the issue

Advocacy in Action: A toolkit for Public Health Professionals
Edition 2 - January 2009

Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA (PHAIWA)

 Undertaking Advocacy

What is Advocacy? (PDF)

Related Documents
PHAA Advocacy Workshop No.2 - September 2006 (PDF)

PHAA Advocacy &  Campaigns


 Future for Food 1

Future for Food 2



May 2011
"We Say Yes" to a Price on Carbon Pollution

4 May 2011
Improving Public Health through the Australian and New Zealand Food Regulation System
Click this link for
Presentation to FSANZ Board 4 May 2011

4 April 2011
Letter to PM Professors express concern over possible cuts to NHMRC research funding

30 March 2011
Address Climate Change in Australia
Letter to assist Multi-Party Climate Change Committee

29 March 2011
"Discussion Paper: Does Australia need a National Centre for Disease Control?"

18 March 2011
Call for inquiry into sourcing of radioisotopes in Australia
Nuclear Medicine in Australia: A Joint Health Sector Position Statement
Australia's Paid Parental Leave scheme

Australia's first national Paid Parental Leave scheme has commenced. It will give working parents support to spend more time at home with their new baby and help employers retain valuable and skilled staff. for more information

15 December 2010
PHAA supports campaign for funding of decent wages for community workers and the link to the campaign website is:
9 December 2010
NAAA takes out prestigious health advocacy award
Vic Health Media Release

10 December 2010
National Drug Strategy 2010-2015 Consultation
Attachment - NAAA 'Reducing harm from alcohol - creating a healthier Australia'

23 November 2010
Letter to MPs - Queensland Abortion Law Reform

Latest Go Home On Time Day resources 
Wednesday 24 November 2010

27 October 2010
National Go Home on Time Day 24 November 2010
Link to The Australia Institute's website
Link to facebook
Media Release

 October 2010:
Volunteer Health Manager vacancies with Australian Doctors International in PNG (2).pdf

4 November 2010
ACT Public Health Forum: Understanding and Mapping the Diversity of Public Health in the ACT

3 November 2010
TAI's Debate - 5.30 pm, the Uni Pub, Canberra
Jeremy Hanson and Michael Moore
The Australia Institute's Politics in the Pub Debate: Can you legislate against laziness

 8 September 2010
ACE-Prevention Report

Federal Election 2010: Focus on Prevention

21 July 2010
PHAA's Great Election Public Health Debate and Dinner
Tuesday 10 August 2010 in Canberra

22 June 2010
Drug Action Week Forum: Prison Health is Public Health
PHAA and ACT Hepatitis Resource Centre Event

5 May 2010
Letter to Kevin Rudd - Disappointment at postponement of CPRS legislation

May 2010
PHAA's Federal Health Budget Summary Brief 

May 2010
Highlights for the 2010-2011 State/Territory Budgets 

13 April 2010
Letter to Julia Gillard and State/Territory Ministers for Education
MCEECDYA Health and Physical Education proposal K-10 curriculum

Link to Healthiernorth website for the COAG communiqu 19-20 April 2010 

Letter The Hon Nicola Roxon - Health reform to build the rural and remote dental health workforce

17 February 2010
NSW Branch Seminar
Effective Public Health Advocacy - Delivering the Message
Speaker - Michael Moore

5 December 2009
Here's jeers!
Drinkwise article in The Age 5 December 2009 To view the entire article, click on:

24 November 2009
Advocate for a health system with teeth

19 November 2009
Letter to Health Minister - MoU PHAA-Red Cross-DAA to address nutrition and food security with Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples Cross (3).doc

23 September 2009
Letter to The Hon Nicola Roxon MP
Oral Health and 'Denticare'

23 September 2009
Crikey Article M Moore - When Australians drink like Russians, it's time for action
NDRI Media
NDRI Bulletin

25 August 2009
Towards a National Food and Nutrition Policy

20 August 2009
Discussion Forum: Environmental Health and the Intervention
presented by PHAA and The Menzies School of Health Research

Click here for video link to view presentation
Discussion Forum on Environmental Health & the Intervention on 20 August
Michael Moore's powerpoint presentation
Discussion Forum Brainstorm Summary

17 June 2009
Lunchtime seminar in Canberra on 'Hepatitis C, prisoners and our community'

15 June 2009
Link to new National STI Prevention Program: Sexual Health Campaign website:

13 May 2009
PHAA Federal Health Budget Highlights

28 April 2009
Mother's Day card campaign to achieve Millennium Development Goals on maternal and child health:

20 April 2009
Alcohol Industry concerns exposed
Research 'Access to Confidential Alcohol Industry Documents: "Big Tobacco" to "Big Booze"
Curtin University of Technology - Professor Mike Daube and  Laura Bond
Click on this link for Media Release

13 April 2009
Research from ANZJPH April 2009 edition
Article "The Age" Alcohol for teenagers 'never safe'


NHMRC Review Report on Public Health Research released 19 June 2009
NHMRC Response to the recommendations

1 August 2008 
Submission to NH&MRC Review of Public Health Research "Nutbeam Review"

Nutbeam Letter on NHMRC Review on Public Health Funding in Australia
27 May 2009
As requested by Professor Don Nutbeam to be published on PHAA Website

2 December 2008
Letter to Australian Government - Medicare for Prisoners

November 2008
An open letter to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Climate Change and Water - The need for strong emission reduction targets

13 November 2008 -
Closing the Gap in a Generation - Letter to The Hon. Kevin Rudd - G20

Final Report of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health
CSDH August 2008 - Geneva, WHO

12 January 2009
Canadian Public Health Association response to WHO
Commission's Report - Closing the gap in a generation:
Health equity through action on the social determinants of health

17 October 2008
National Adaptation Research Plan Consultation Draft Human Health Stakeholder Feedback

20 August 2008
Launch of Framework Document - Click here
"Research Priorities in Aboriginal Prisoner Health:Recommendations and Outcomes from the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health in partnership with PHAA and the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

25 July 2008
Letter to NSW Premier and Ministers
Click here to view the letter
Tobacco-Please support legislation that restricts display

7-9 July 2008 - Population Health Congress 2008
Congress Declaration
The Congress Declaration has been sent to Nicola Roxon, Federal Minister for Health
and State Health Ministers

25 June 2008
Time for a National Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy for Australia:
A Call to Action
Click here to view the document
Time for a National Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy for Australia:
Background Paper
Click here to view the document
Click here to view  the list of National organisations endorsing the Call to Action

16 June 2008
House of Representatives Hansard  - Alcohol Abuse
refer to pages 28 and 29 for PHAA CEO quoted by the Health Minister answering a question on alcohol abuse

May 2008
Transcript of discussions with PHAA representatives at the Productivity Commission's
public hearing on Paid Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave in Canberra
on Wednesday 7 May 2008

May 2008
PHAA Budget 2008-09 Summary Brief
Click here to view the document

November 2007
Federal Election Policy Priorities

Click here for Federal Election Policy Priorities (PDF)

July 2007
Submission from the Public Health Association of Australia to the Senate Community Affairs Committee: Inquiry into Mental Health Services In Australia
View Letter (PDF)

Australian Council of Social Service - Send a letter to your local MP regarding actions to address aboriginal child abuse and disadvantage in the Northern Territory
View Letter (PDF)

April 2007
World Federation of Public Health Associations Condemns Human Rights Abuses in Zimbabwe (PDF)

Obesity Advocacy
The Public Health Association have endorsed the Sydney Principles as part of our advocacy work on obesity.
The Sydney principles can be found here

Tobacco Advocacy
Protecting Children from Tobacco Campaign Kit
Contents Endorsements List (PDF)
John Bevins' Analysis on Advertising Tobacco (PDF)

You will need Adobe Reader to open PDF format files. Adobe Reader is available free from the Adobe website.


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