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ANZJPH Media Releases

Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health Media Releases

October Edition ANZJPH - Table of Contents
*8 October 2010
Smokers "blamed" for lung cancer
*6 October 2010
Licenced Brothels 'win' on safe sex
6 October 2010
Student sex still not safe
October 2010 Edition
* 4 August 2010
Drinking times a'changing

Don't take it with a grain of salt
August 2010 Edition
*14 July 2010
Indigenous Health: Challenges & Breakthroughs

July Special Edition 
*2 June 2010
ANZJPH June Edition - Media Releases
Trick or Treat? The preschool lunchbox dilemma
We can stop diabetes
Up in Smoke - Babies too exposed to cigarettes
June 2010 Edition
*9 April 2010
Poor sleep for obese adolescents

*9 April 2010
Rising clamydia trends
April 2010 Edition
*10 February 2010
Research played out in real life
February 2010 Edition

*9 December 2009
ANZJPH December Edition - Diabetes in Australia

*9 December 2009
ANZJPH December Edition - Tougher for young breast cancer survivors

*9 December 2009
ANZJPH December Edition - Great expense for healthy eating

December 2009

Major retailers dictate diet (ANZJPH October Edition)

Sex message getting through (ANZJPH October Edition)


October 2009 Edition

Maternal Smoking during pregnancy
HPV School Vaccination
A day at the races
August 2009 Edition
Young Australians are not as 'sex savvy' as they think
Supporting a healthy new generation
Pricing out the poor
June 2009 Edition
Vol 33, Issue 3 2009
Male Drowning - ANZJPH April 
Pet Birds - ANZJPH April
April 2009 Edition
Vol 33 , Issue 2009
Neighbourhood Safety
Youth Unemployment
Feb 2009 Edition, Vol 33,  Issue 1
Free alcohol giveaways come at a price (PDF) August 2007
Research calls to extend junk food ad buffer zone (PDF) August 2007
Small step for GPs, giant leap towards a smoke-free life (PDF) October 2006
New remedy for Rotavirus' hefty price tag (PDF) October 2006
From Teenieboppers to Screenieboppers: Aussie kids glued to screens (PDF) June 2006
Job insecurity and heavy workloads can cost business (PDF) June 2006
On dangerous ground: Australians flirting with disaster in the workplace (PDF) June 2006
'Green Prescription' an easy pill to swallow (PDF) February 2006
Lions Cancer Institute screening program a roaring success (PDF) February 2006

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