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Food & Nutrition Special Interest Group

Co-convenors: Helen Vidgen ( and Julie Woods (

Committee members:

Tasmania                     Judy Seal
Victoria                       Dr Julie Woods, Rachel Boak
Western Australia       Dr Christina Pollard
South Australia           Patricia Carter
New South Wales       Megan Cobcroft
Northern territory        Julie Brimblecombe
Queensland                 Simone Braithwaite, Nikki Boswell

Other members: Holly Jones, Carly Moores

Aims and Objectives

The objectives of the Food and Nutrition Special Interest Group (FANSIG) are to:

  • provide a focal point for discussion of and action on public health food and nutrition issues;
  • provide a formal vehicle for networking, advocacy and collaboration in public health nutrition;
  • promote development of a framework for education and professional development of public health workers interested in public health nutrition, and;
  • ensure that public health nutrition is represented in the affairs of the Public Health Association of Australia Inc.

Past Events

Nutrition Workshop - Navigating through nutrition policy in Australia - 14 May 2014
Speaker Presentations:

Upstream Food Policy Approaches: a focus on the food supply 
Barbara Eden, Senior Manager - Food Supply
Heart Foundation

An overview of national policy matrix intersecting with nutrition and food supply
Annette Byron, Senior Policy Officer
Dietitians Association of Australia

Linking evidence to policy: Navigating through Nutrition Policy in Australia

Professor Amanda Lee, School of Public Health and Social Work & School of Excercise and Nutrition Sciences
Queensland University of Technology

Nutrition workforces across Australia

Dr Helen Vidgen, Senior Research Fellow, QUT |  Dr Meg Adam, Director, Khadro Consulting

Food and Nutrition Policy
Christel Leemhuis, Department of Health, Commonwealth Government

The slide in the Department's presentation showing the leading risk factors for disease burden in Australia was generated from the data visualisations function on the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation web page for the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study. This interactive tool enables users to produce their own graphs for burden of disease estimates globally and at the regional and country level and also over time (1990-2010).  This tool is available at:

PHAA members may also be interested to learn that the Department of Health is funding the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) to update the Australian-specific burden of disease estimates that were last produced by the AIHW in 2007 using 2003 data.  The study will produce estimates of the current burden of selected injuries, risk factors and diseases of the Australian population, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population and at the subnational level (e.g. jurisdiction, socioeconomic status, and remoteness), where valid. Results are expected in late 2015.  More information on this work is available at:


February 2012
Food and Nutrition Webinar held 15th February 2012
Food and Nutrition Webinar Presentation: Held 15 February 2012
2012 Improving Public Health through the Australian and New Zealand Food Regulation System
Click this link for  Presentation to FSANZ Board 4 May 2011

2010 Submission to NHMRC Dietary Guidelines Secretariat

2009 A new food guidance system for Australia - Foundation and Total Diets
March 2009 Submission Food Regulation Secretariat - Front of Pack Labelling Policy Guideline Consultation Paper
February 2009 Submission into Community Stores in Remote Aboriginal
February 2008 PHAA Submission to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand on Proposal P293 - Nutrition, Health and Related Claims
December 2007 Submission to Food Regulation Standing Committee on the Draft Policy Guidelines - Addition to Food of Substances other than Vitamins and Minerals
November 2007 Submission for Revision of the Core Food Groups 1994 (PDF)
April 2005 Submission for Revision of the Core Food Groups 1994 (PDF)

2005 Nurture and Nourish Colloquium Emerging methodologies and theoretical aspects of public health nutrition

FSANZ and PHAA Food and Nutrition SIG WORKSHOP - 26September 2010
presented by Dorothy Mackerras Click here for Presentation    

FANSIG and HP SIG Joint Workshop 2009 - Food-Related Interventions for Obesity
1.0 Workshop Introduction - Pdf
1.0 Workshop Introduction -Audio MP3

Speakers Presentations

2.1 Dr Sarah McNaughton - Pdf
2.1 Dr Sarah McNaughton - Audio MP3
2.2 Dr Malcolm Riley - Pdf
2.2 Dr Malcolm Riley - Audio MP3
3.0 Workshop  - Audio MP3
3.1 Dr Karen Campbell - Pdf
3.2 Dr Rachel Laws - Pdf
3.3 Assoc Professor Steven Allender - Pdf
3.4 Dr Christina Pollard - Pdf


December 2007 Achievements against FAN SIG Work Plan 2007 (PDF)
April 2007 FAN SIG Workplan (PDF)

Meeting Minutes

AGM Minutes 2013 (Draft Minutes) 2013
FAN SIG AGM Meeting Minutes (PDF) 2012

SIG Forums

The FAN SIG Forum provides an area for FAN SIG members to post information, respond to and discuss various articles of interest and to interact with fellow members.

Link to Forums (you will be required to login to access this area)

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