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Communicable Disease Control Conference

1-2 June 2015
Late Breakers
Population Health Congress 2015
6-9 September 2015
National Primary Health Care Conference
November 2015
information coming soon
Second National Complex Needs Conference
17-18 November 2015, Canberra
  15th National Immunisation Conference
6-7 June 2016
Information coming soon

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25 March 2015 Open Letter to PM: Cuts to legal services will have disastrous impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

2 March 2015 Food labelling hypocrisy bows to vested interests

26 February 2015 PHAA's submission to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Reference Committee the Commonwealth's treaty-making process, particularly in the light of the growing number of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements - Click on this LINK
The full report "Negotiating Healthy Trade in Australia" is available at this

25 February 2015  - The Great Election Debate: The Future of Public Health in NSW - Wednesday 25 February 2015
Please click on this link to view the audio from this event & this link to view an image of the election candidates

27 January 2015 -
Public health, environment, union, and church groups slam Trans-Pacific trade deal as talks resume in New York

13 January 2015 - Abstracts now open for Population Health Congress
13 December 2014 - Groups call for Government to reject Forrest Review Healthy Welfare Card; pursue decent welfare reform

3 December 2014 - Open letter to the Foreign Minister of Australia: Vienna Conference on Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

31 October 2014 Medical experts would like to combat Ebola

16 October 2014 -
ABC Radio Interview -  Australian Government urged to send Ebola teams to West Africa

10 October 2014 Women's Groups Oppose 'Burqa Ban'

16 October 2014 Podcast: Michelle Grattan interviews Michael Moore on Ebola Crisis

23 September 2014 - Joint Community Sector Statement on Health

Tuesday 14 October 2014 - Anti Poverty Week Social Determinants of Health Alliance Inaugural Oration - Canberra College Performing Arts Centre

19 September 2014 - Open letter regarding the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture

Public Forum: Better understanding evidence-based medicinal cannabis options for the ACT - 23 September 2014

23 July 2014 - SDOHA Address to the National Press Club-Wednesday 20 August 2014

24 June 2014 - ANPHA Abolition Bill

30 May 2014: 'No GP Tax in our name!' Campaign
To join the campaign you can sign the petition, visit the Facebook page or use #noGPtax on Twitter

Social Determinants of Health Research Forum- Monday 14 July 2014, Canberra

27 May 2014: Global Health Asylum Seeker Symposium:
Declaration on Public Health, Human Rights and Asylum Seekers &  link to audio visual recording

14 May - Federal Health Budget briefing for members

8 May 2014 - Click on this link  to view the Interview of PHAA Life Member Emeritus Professor Stephen Leeder with broadcaster Dr Norman Swan at the recent celebration of Stephen's life commitment to public health

28 February 2014 - Letter sent to the PM from 10 eminent Australians seeking the Prime Minister's support in reinstating funding for the Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA).

26 February 2014
Professors' call to action - Advocacy for implementation of the Front of Pack Health Star Rating System

5 February 2014 -
Letter sent to Minister Hunt regarding concerns about how the TPPAA might adversely affect health

5 February 2014

PHAA submission - Energy White Paper Issues Paper

 View more of PHAA's submissions >>

View PHAA's recent advocacy letters >>



ANZJPH Media Releases - Click here
27 March 2015  A GROSS INFRINGEMENT OF FOOD SOVEREIGNTY AND BASIC RIGHTS The Western Australian Government??s proposed closure of remote Aboriginal communities

26 March 2015  The very hidden costs of toll roads

24 March 2015 - New figures show Indigenous food shortages and hunger persist

18 March 2015 Coalition of peak health bodies calls for release of children from immigration detention
The Joint statement 'Australia's peak health groups call forall children to be released from immigration detention'  can be viewed at this link

12 March 2015 Ketamine: a world view needed

12  March 2015 Cultural identity is not a "lifestyle choice" Prime Minister

12 March 2015 PHAA calls for change in trade agreements process

10 March 2015 SA Royal Commission Draft Terms of Reference Ignore Health Impacts of Nuclear Industry

4 March 2015 Tobacco plain packaging legislation passes unanimously in Ireland - a massive boost for global tobacco control

3 March 2015 - NGO's welcome co-payment change but warn sting is still in tail

3 March 2015 Report finds medicine affordability, public health policies at risk in Trans Pacific Partnership
The full report "Negotiating Healthy Trade in Australia" is available at this link

24 February 2015 NSW politicians to debate key public health issues

24 February 2015 New research shows smoking even more deadly than previously know - calls for further action

23 February 2015 Calls for action on the health impacts of coal

20 February 2015  Joint release: Government must come clean on dental programs

13 February 2015 PHAA supports calls for children to be released from immigration detention

11 February 2015 Investing in Closing the Gap is a public health priority

1 February 2015  The weekend's message is loud and clear - Aussies believe in a "fair go"

29 January 2015
Keeping the public's trust - keep the cap on political donations

14 January 2015 GST on fresh food an attack on lower income earners

11 January 2015 Revised co-payment simply un-Australian

23 December 2014 PHAA slams Government cuts to housing & homelessness funding

21 December 2014 Public Health Association of Australia Welcomes New Minister Sussan Ley

19 December 2014 Millions will pay more for doctor

11 December 2014 Harms Associated with Alcohol Should be a National Priority

9 December 2014 PM Medicare announcement mixed bag

6 December 2014  PHAA welcomes rebooted Health Star Rating website

3 December 2014 Community leaders & politicians gather for National Complex Needs Alliance launch

19 November 2014 Conference focus on older parents, surrogacy & sexuality later in life

18 November 2014
Unintended pregnancy, infertility & marginalised communities hot topics at conference

17 November 2014 - As G20 gets underway, leading health bodies declare Australia's reliance on coal dangerous for health

13 November 2014  Experts Gather in Melbourne to Improve Australia's Sexual & Reproductive Health

5 November 2014 Ebola: the next steps

30 October 2014
EBOLA: PHAA calls for comprehensive Australian Government action

23 October 2014 Public Health Association calls for a realistic policy on energy

21 October 2014 - Coal seam gas, or clean drinking water. It can't be both

17 October 2014 Primary Health Communique AHHA PHAA | View the communique at this link

15 October 2014  113 Australian Health Professors call for more Government action | View the letter at this link

6 October 2014  The first population Health Congress gets underway in Auckland

5 October 2014 Calls for focus on asylum seekers during Mental Health Week

30 September 2014 Social networks for green healthcare: collaborating globally for better health and a safer climate

26 September 2014 More Australian action needed on Ebola

24 September 2014 Abbott risk national interest UN Climate Summit

23 September 2014
Health groups call for leadership in healthcare funding

23 September 2014
Sydney's NorthConnex tunnel project threatens public health

22 September 2014 2PHAA supports medical cannabis 
PHAA Position Statement-Medicinal cannabis in Australia

22 September 2014 Public Forum: Better Understanding Evidence-Based Medicinal Cannabis Options for the ACT

18 September 2014 - Canberra Times Op Ed - 'CPSU position on NSP in ACT prison unjustifiable'

17 September - Conference focus on advocacy & sustainability

16 September 2014 - Australia's public health leaders recognised

16 September 2014 Aboriginal Health & Law Enforcement Feature on Second Day of Conference

15 September 2014 Impact of Corporate Giants on Public Health a Hot Topic at Conference

12 September 2014 Experts Gather in Perth to improve Australia's Health

10 September 2014 PHAA urges action on Ebola response
                                  PHAA Statement on Ebola reponse

4 September 2014 - Joint statement on health effects of coal in Australia

20 August 2014  Business, Indigenous & Health leaders call for action to improve health outcomes

20 August 2014  AMA co-payment plan knifes Medicare principle of access for all

19 August 2014  Business, Indigenous & Health Leaders call for action on Social Determinants of Health

14 August 2014 Congratulations to Dutton on Prostate Cancer Support

12 August 2014 Medicare Payment Privatisation: Thin End of Wedge

6 August 2014 Killer Budget attacks prevention and primary health care
ABC World Today - Health Journal editorials critical of Federal Budget
5 August 2014 Facing the Fallout National Speaking Tour

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